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Obtaining the International Quality Seal


The Faculties of Medicine of Albacete and Ciudad Real obtain the International Seal of Quality (SIC) with the parameters of the WFME.

The UCLM has obtained the International Seal of Quality awarded by the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME).

The Final Evaluation Report, dated June 15, 2022, is favorable and without statute of limitations, so it is valid for 8 years. It certifies that both faculties pass the evaluation criteria with maximum scores, including "learning outcomes" and "institutional support".

The process began in June 2020 and culminated with a face-to-face visit by the ANECA and WFME panel to the facilities of both Faculties on April 27, 2022.

Thanks to obtaining this seal, the university's graduates in Medicine will be WFME graduates. This type of specialization will be essential for students to be authorized to carry out stays or specialties internationally from 2024. The seal is also obtained by students who have graduated one year before the date of sending the degree evaluation application to the Agency (12/06/2020) as established by ANECA.

Our faculties become, together with the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Navarra, some of the first faculties in Spain accredited by ANECA for this seal.

Learn more at http://www.aneca.es/Programas-de-evaluacion/Evaluacion-de-titulos/SIC

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