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Modification, cancellation and refund of prices


There are two periods for modifying enrollment:

First phase: during the official enrolment period until September 11, 2024.

During the enrollment period, enrollment can be modified. If the modification results in a reduction in the enrollment fee, a refund or compensation will be processed in the subsequent payment deadlines.

Second phase: From February 6-14, 2025 (until 23:00).

Additionally, in this period, requests for enrollment extension or changes in subjects will be accepted if they do not result in a reduction of credits. This modification can only affect subjects taught in the second semester, and enrollment will be subject to available vacancies. This modification will be done through self-enrollment within the established deadline.

Until October 15 of each academic year, the dedication regime may be changed from part-time to full-time. Exceptionally, a change from full-time to part-time may be requested outside of the previous periods, when any of the following circumstances occur: justified serious illness; sudden disability situation; sudden and important modification of the working, economic or family conditions of the registered person; denial of a scholarship for non-academic reasons or another cause that presents a similarly exceptional nature. These requests will be presented to the vice-rector's office with powers in matters of students who will decide in view of the documentation provided by the applicant.


  • Students may cancel or modify their enrollment only after the established deadlines, provided there are duly justified special circumstances that will be assessed by the Retention Committee. If these circumstances exist, as determined by a resolution from the Retention Committee, the student is entitled to a refund of the fees paid. Administrative fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Enrollment cancellation without a refund of public fees may be accepted if requested before January 15th of the corresponding academic year, as long as it does not violate applicable regulations.
  • The university will automatically cancel enrollment if the student does not meet the necessary requirements for enrollment or fails to pay the fees within the established deadlines. In such cases, if the student enrolls again in the same degree and subjects, they will be required to pay the public fees corresponding to the credits enrolled in the second enrollment or as applicable.
  • NOTE: New students at the University of Castilla-La Mancha who have obtained a place at another university during the current academic year can cancel their enrollment in official programs through the Virtual Secretary using the provided link. Enrollment cancellation due to a change of option can be done through this application within the established deadlines.
  • Likewise, partial registration cancellations may be made at any time, which may imply a change in the dedication regime, provided that one or more of the following circumstances occur during the course:
    a) Serious justified illness.
    b) Situation of sudden disability.
    c) Sudden and important modification of the working, economic or family conditions of the registered person.
    d) Denial of scholarship for non-academic reasons.
    e) Another cause that presents a similarly exceptional character.
    These requests must be made to the vice-rector's office with powers in matters of students, who will decide in view of the documentation provided by the applicant.


A refund of public fees will be made in the following cases:

Academic Fees:

  1. Cancellation of enrollment:
    • Until the official start of the course (September 6th) for students assigned an enrollment appointment in July.
    • Until the end of the enrollment period assigned to students with later enrollment appointments.
    • For students admitted to another university, provided they request cancellation at UCLM within ten days of their admission to the destination university.
  2. Overpayment of fees:
    • Due to subsequent exemptions or reductions after the payment of enrollment (e.g., scholarships, recognitions).
    • Due to calculation errors.

      3. Once the academic year has officially started, the refund of public prices will only proceed when the cancellation request is submitted before the start of the second semester and one of the situations established in the Progress and Permanence Regulations occurs (justified serious illness; disability situation). unexpected; sudden and important modification of the working, economic or family conditions of the enrolled person; denial of scholarship for non-academic reasons or other cause that presents a similarly exceptional nature). The refund will exclusively affect the public prices corresponding to the credits not yet given. Under no circumstances will administrative fees be refunded.

Secretary's Fees:

No refund will be made for administrative fees paid, except in cases of duplicate or erroneous payments.