Institute of Mathematics Applied to Science and Engineering


¿What is IMACI?

The Institute of Applied Mathematics in Science and Engineering ( IMACI ) is an interdisciplinary research center at the University of Castilla-La Mancha joining professors and researchers from different departments with the common link of using advanced mathematical tools.

The strongly interdisciplinary research conducted in IMACI, focuses on the study of mathematical models of differential equations or other abstract representations that describe situations of interest to other science or technology issues and applications of mathematical models in various areas of basic and applied knowledge, as these require a mathematical apparatus of sufficient entity. The use of advanced statistical methods and operations research techniques is other of the IMACI strengths.

In today’s business world is essential to continuously innovate and improve the processes in order to compete in a global world. The analysis of any of the processes involved in a business inevitably involves study and data models and resolution approach with a clear mathematical component. IMACI has human and material resources that can assist in addressing all aspects of business innovation.

IMACI has a director that exerts its representation and is responsible for implementing the resolutions of the board of the center which is the governing body thereof.

The director is currently Prof. Henar Herrero Sanz.

Localización del Instituto

Instituto de Matemática Aplicada a la Ciencia y la Ingeniería


Edificio Margarita Salas

Campus Universitario de Ciudad Real

Avda. Camilo José Cela 3, Ciudad Real



Correo electrónico: Henar Herrero


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