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Forms of Collaboration

Donations and contributions 

Donations and contributions in favour of the University may be monetary or in the form of assets or rights. These donations are formalized and, subsequently, the UCLM will send donors a donation certificate that allows them to prove the donation has been made. By making a contribution, any person may become a patron of the UCLM, and these donations entitle them to apply the tax deductions provided for in current regulations. 

Agreements are formalized through a business collaboration agreement between the UCLM and a legal entity, in which, in exchange for financial aid to carry out a project or a specific university activity, the University undertakes to disseminate, by any means possible, the participation of the collaborator in said activities. 

The dissemination of these collaborations does not constitute a provision of services and, therefore, is not subject to VAT. The amounts contributed or the expenses incurred will be considered deductible expenses to determine the corporate tax base of the taxpaying entity or the income tax base of individuals, as the case may be, in accordance with the provision of articles 25 and 26 of Law 49/2002. 
This type of collaboration includes chairs and lecture rooms, with a specific collaboration agreement model (see University-Company Chair-Lecture Room agreement). For the rest of the patronage collaboration agreements, the model patronage agreement will be followed (See model) 



This modality - regulated by Spanish legislation under Law 34/1988, of November 11, on General Advertising (LGP), refers to specific contracts of a commercial nature and with no limitation regarding the parties involved or the type of activity sponsored. It is formalized by means of a commercial contract in which a remuneration is agreed in exchange for advertising consideration. 
Since the purpose of advertising sponsorship is to advertise the sponsor, without the promotion of the sponsor’s activity, the elements are set forth such that said advertising has the economic content of consideration and, for the recipient, the income is considered to be derived from economic exploitation economic. This contract will thus be subject to VAT. 
The model sponsorship agreement for the realization of activities, events, courses, etc.